certify id documents

Certify ID Documents by a Chartered Accountant

At Osborne Certified Accountants, we offer ID certification services at low cost. We can certify ID documents, proof of address, birth certificates etc. for various purposes.

What is a certified copy of Documents?

There are many organisations who don’t want the responsibility of accepting original documents by mail. Therefore, they can only ask for photocopied documents. However, photocopied documents can not be authenticated against the original. A certified copy is a photocopied document that has been signed, dated and checked against the original by a person who holds a certain position of responsibility such as an Accountant. In some cases, you’ll only need your marriage or deed poll certificate certified. However, many organisations may also require certified copies of photo identifications.

When do you need certified copy of Documents?

You may need to certify ID documents for various purposes such as when you are buying or selling properties or changing your name etc.


Which Documents can be certified

Photocopies of documents that can be certified are given below:

  • letters from a government department
  • bank/building society or credit card statements
  • gas, electricity or council tax bills
  • letters from a hospital/doctor
  • passports
  • photo card driving licences

However, it is not an exhaustive list.

Always check with the organisation that needs the certified copies. As they may have specific rules for who can certify a document and what documents need to be certified.

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